Known for being a beautiful people, Columbia also boasts of having some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world. And while medical costs and professional fees are pegged at a fraction of the costs of the United States, the training, skills and specialties being held by the medical practitioners are of the same high, international standards recognized throughout the globe.

Some of the most popular procedures people are seeking in Columbia include cosmetic procedures, stem cell therapy, dental, eye and laser treatments, cardiology, transplants, and fertility treatments. The government has likewise invested a significant amount of funds to improve the medical infrastructure in order to continuously provide safe and world class procedures to the medical tourists that come to their shores.

The tourism authority has likewise bolstered its resources to attract not only people with medical concerns but also people who wish to supplement their stay with spa treatments and well being retreats to complete their stay. Combining a medical procedure with a vacation or expatriation in a country with a variety of attractions is also an appealing idea as it affords them quality medical care and gives them privacy for the more sensitive procedures.

While Spanish is the main language, English is widely spoken and understood in the tourist areas and most definitely in the medical facilities. The weather is also a big incentive to go to Columbia for treatment as you can recuperate comfortably as the average temperature varies little throughout the year.

And as long as you have a valid U.S. Passport, no visa is required and you can stay up to 90 days, with a possible one time 30 day extension for $25. Make sure to get an entry and exit stamp to avoid having to pay a $60 fine to and get a safe conduct clearance from their administrative department for security (DAS).