Air Ambulance in Haiti – How it Works?

How Air Ambulance in Haiti Work

Air Ambulance services are essential nowadays. In fact, there are some health insurance companies that offer additional coverage for air ambulance services as part of insurance policy. Based on the recent survey, the popularity of air ambulance has significantly increased. Haiti air ambulance services are now providing aerial transport services in times of emergency.

Air ambulance in Haiti has different services to offer. This is a big help in Haiti for those who need rescue in times of disaster, especially those who suffer from serious accident and need an instant aid in order to survive. The main purpose of air ambulance is to assist the patients, rescue and give instant medical assistance before transferring to the hospital.

You can request air ambulance in Haiti by filling the request form, sending email or directly calling the company. The air ambulances that they have are complete with flying ICU facility with medical teams whose only mission is to care the patient and save lives.

There are hospitals in Haiti that are accredited with air ambulance services. All the medical teams on air ambulance services are well experienced in technical rescue and certified to do the level of works required.

Some of the featured services of air ambulance in Haiti include:

• Advance Air ambulance ICU assistance
• Medical aide
• Transfer of patients from air ambulance to hospital
• Therapy & Recovery
• Medical equipment to monitor the health status of the patients
• Children emergency assistance
• Specialized doctors and aero nurses
• Medical assistance for head injury, spinal cord or trauma cases

Health insurance with air ambulance coverage is a good option especially when you frequently travel for business or pleasure.

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