Who Can Benefit from The Services of Air Ambulance in Alaska?

Advantages You Get From Air Ambulance Alaska

airambulance7The services of air ambulance in Alaska has pick up and transported patients, civilians and doctors to remote areas of the state, or where other approaches are impossible. Civilians mostly benefit from the air ambulance services as they can easily access to excellent medical facilities promptly. Nevertheless, who else can benefit from the air ambulance services, especially if you don’t have protection plans or affiliated to any health insurance?

It was during World War I when air ambulance was first used to transport a wounded Serbian solider by a plane to a hospital. That time then they discovered that the mortality rate of the injured could be reduced if evacuated or transported by air.

The air ambulance companies offer their services to doctors who are in need of immediate transportation to various locations. For example, a trained specialist is needed in a location in case of floods, terrorist attacks or natural disasters. In such event, doctors or trained paramedical staff can quickly provide medical attention to these locations through air ambulance services.

Victims of car accidents, severe burn cases or critically ill patients from rural areas can certainly be catered by air ambulance services. Ground ambulance will take some time to arrive to the patient’s location, unlike an air ambulance, and to transfer the patient to a medical facility. However, these medical facilities in rural areas are often not equipped with tools and apparatus to deal with emergencies.

There have been studies where data shows that the stay in ICU is shortened by about five days if the patient was transported through air ambulance. Other data include wound infections reduce to 9% and death from head injuries is reduced to almost 15% all due to air ambulance transportation. Sports personnel and enthusiasts can greatly benefit from the services of air ambulance in Alaska in the event of immediate medical care.