Guide in Getting an Air Ambulance Service in Michigan for Patients and Visitors

Air Ambulance Service Guide

In an accident or emergency situation, an ambulance is being called to report to the scene of the incident as soon as possible to provide immediate response to the victims. Ambulance and the paramedics have long been beneficial to increase the chances of the patients to survive. Nevertheless, the trip from the incident’s location to the hospital can be frustrating. Consequently, air ambulance was introduced to provide medical aid to patients who are far from the medical facilities.

The air ambulance service in Michigan is open for many people who are traveling to secluded location, or for those patients who need to be transferred to a neighboring state or country. They do not have to wait in the line at the airport or get into the crowd to have their passports approved. When you have a patient with special medical requirements, you should add the air ambulance coverage on your insurance. Michigan is also become popular to medical tourists nowadays.

air ambulance

The common misconception of patients and their relatives is that everyone can get into the aircraft. Although there are companies allowing such, it is not possible for all of your family members to be with you. At least one familiar face to the patient is allowed to accompany him/her during the medical flight and to the hospital.

Aircrafts use in air ambulance service could vary from one service provider to the other. Helicopters are small enough to have 2 pilots, 2 specialists, a nurse and the patient only. If the company sends a spacious jet, the air ambulance team may allow 2 to 3 family members.

Some providers of air ambulance service in Michigan add charges for every member who will join the medic flight. If this turned you off to add on your policy, search for air ambulance service providers that allow a family member or guardian to travel with you without additional charges.

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